Thursday, 6 February 2014

your weight loss is going

3 times a week , 20 minutes of intense aerobics ladies will suffice. But do not forget to walk this walk together . Take a walk every day . This way you 'll be able to release fats comfortable . Trip duration should be 45-60 minutes .

Thus , you will lose 350-450 kcal of energy . Other aerobics exercises and lose fat , 500 grams each week by following the diet . Calculate , it is 24 kg per year . The outcome of foolish to expect with lightning speed train and walk .
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impact will be gradual . If you feel that your weight loss is going to slow, then increment. But also to a change in diet , physical exercises training . Do not use bike and walking alone. Identity , however, quickly tired.

, fitness and aerobics , do not hesitate to change their actions . Lower than the previous rate felt training . In the next stage , you see food diet , calories , you need to exercise a little increment relating to the collection and muscle .

This refers to the period after the dissolution of fat . But be very careful : You may return any small mistake you again lost fats .

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