Thursday, 6 February 2014

medical intervention in cases

On the basis of urgent medical intervention is considered vital tips or patient is unable to express its decision on the status of the issue will be resolved by consultation . cases, medical intervention is not possible to decide on the treatment of treatment -and-prophylactic institutions or directly providing information to managers ( the guard ) is made by the doctor .

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The manner prescribed by law , and persons who are incapable of carrying out medical intervention if necessary to minors and their parents or legal representatives must have the consent .

Article 27 Refusal of medical intervention
Cases provided by legislation ( emergency medical assistance where necessary ) , with the exception of the citizen or his legal representative to refuse medical intervention , or has the right to demand its cessation . Citizens refuse medical intervention , or his legal representative shall be given an explanation of the possible consequences .

Refusal of medical intervention and its future results , medical records , and an explanation of its own citizens , or legal representative, as well as signed by the medical officer .

The manner prescribed by law, are considered incapable of reaching the age of majority of the people, or their parents or legal representatives , servants, persons in the event of refusal of medical intervention is necessary for life , health care facilities may apply to court to protect their health .

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