Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests proved that the mallow contain a great deal of vitamin "A", which helps in the representation of sugars, and maintain the integrity of the nervous system, and the emergence of diseases, swelling of the legs, which leads to progressive muscle weakness and parties.
Benefits of dry mallow:

Characterized mallow stiff or land dried for green or fresh in several points in nutritional value, for example, mallow green contain about 3.83% protein, while mallow dry containing 22.8% protein, it is known that proteins are very essential for the growth and tissue building the body, and the percentage of fat in mallow green is 0.41%, while it is in dry 2.44%,
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while the proportion of carbohydrates are 8.03%, while the jump in the mallow stiff to about 48%, which compounds work to calm the nerves and strengthen eyesight and stimulate the heart and be useful in cases of low blood pressure, weakness, while no fiber 1.71% in the mallow green, and increase to 10.21% in the stiff dried mallow, which is thus of higher plants contain fiber necessary for bowel movement, and thus the prevention of colon problems and gastrointestinal tract.

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