Monday, 17 February 2014

How does the olive oil in eradicating diseases?

The intake mixture of hanging of olive oil with the lemon juice morning on an empty stomach leads to the disposal of certain types of worms that live in the digestive tract. I'm nuts about it says:

"All articles thereof softeners for the skin and slow down the graying and prevents water from salty olive visitation burning fire, and tightens the gums and paper benefit of the ant and reddish sores and prevents sweat. Muscles Building Solution

According to scientific research to paint with olive oil may protect against the incidence of skin cancer, melanoma, and that the use of mixture of olive oil with a little beeswax after mixing well in a water bath on the backburner and use after it cools to paint skin blemishes and moles and thin as well as hemorrhoids, It has been found that the use of equal amounts of olive oil and glycerin with a few drops of lemon juice and paint the skin with a massage leads to the smoothness of the skin and remove roughness and cracks the hands and feet.

Olive oil to massage the scalp
Lead to the removal of the crust and strengthen the hair and abundance becomes soft smooth silky brilliant research results also showed that the development of olive oil on the head for several hours kills lice found it. Superficial burns Mini uses a mix egg whites and one with two tablespoons of olive oil topically paint without massage leads to healing of these injuries.

The effect of olive oil on blood pressure
Olive oil is very beneficial effect for patients with heart condition and high blood pressure, as the people who eat olive oil on a regular basis within the daily diets have their blood pressure level naturally.

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