Thursday, 6 February 2014

cellulite massage

during the winter months to combat cellulite. In summer, when it began to wear swimwear and shorts will be presented with the bitter truth . Do not allow you to poison the summer months , but the signs of cellulite . There are many options to overcome.
But , of course , everyone's budget may not be sufficient to pay the cost of these treatments . In addition , working women may be difficult to distinguish when these treatments . May occur during the treatment of certain work session set to begin. Treatments lasted for a long time to execute , of course, is not easy . But if you want , you can look even better in all conditions . Cellulite massage with natural oils you today how you will explain what you can.

Both anti - cellulite creams , as well as the effect of essential oils massage tissue layers increases. All the actions described below before , and then apply the other foot . * Yatagınızın sit on or place on a clean surface . Gently pull your feet right before you . Then plug in your hands to keep the two sides of your feet .
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 Knew all the omegas an energetic start to your feet . Starting from the feet up to the top of the lid omegas Keep your knees upward . Repeat this movement 10-15 times in revitalizing blood circulation .

 * You can then leave out your flesh rhythmic movements . This action strengthens legs , and helps your skin the right and left hands to consistently prey . Continue until the knees . * Front and outer part of the knee cap can stop weaker punches . The movements in the upper layers of the skin to the blood circulation makes out . * slightly around the prey , and then drawing circles lightly with fingertips in a circular massage around the knee cap . Rub gently on the back of the knee up towards the end . *

 Finally, the calf muscles of both hands, gently press . Leave out the muscle from the bone , then lightly prey . Consistent with a hand while the other is behind the foot to move upward . Which smells beautiful skin easily absorbed vegetable oils .

 It is governed by fat metabolism and blood circulation , facilitate the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body , known since ancient times in many people 's fitness . Mixtures prepared for the challenges of cellulite by accelerating blood circulation, helps the disintegration of fat .

Degradable oils are taken from the body through urine . At the same time, these oils nourish and strengthen skin . Cellulite oil Preparation: 1 teaspoon sesame oil , 7-8 drops of orange oil , 7-8 drops of rosemary oil , Melissa oil, 5-6 drops , 6-7 drops of thyme oil a clean bowl and mix. Heat the mixture slightly . This massage oil should be used as follows: unit gently massage the oil .

Full through the skin over the area, scrub the grill with a 10-15 minute massage. Massage for at least 20 minutes after the end of the unit Please exercise. Sports then wash with massage unit. You should do it 2 times a week during the morning and evening.

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