Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hormone replacement law

Sedentary lifestyle and fast food snacks causes hormonal changes . This problem is also transmitted through the genes . The problem is not eliminated , it can result in infertility . How to do a blood test to determine the hormonal background . I why?

hormonal changes caused by obesity, diabetes , arterial hypertension, stress , depression , joints , causing atherosclerosis and diseases . It is a lifelong process. With the constant need to combat obesity . Because the root of men suffer from sexual weakness. Slimming patients to combat obesity ( fat melting ) recommend products . This medication is removed through the bowels of the body fat is 30% . The remainder of the absorbed fat from the body through sport and diet . Green peas causes the liver .
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According to a recent study by legume family of plants , which contain a lot of protein . However, the protein product of the meat protein is stronger than green peas . Glucose and fructose that is a lot of green peas , sweet and delicious . 100 grams of green peas was 72 kcal composition B , B2 , PP , C , carotene , minerals, salt, calcium, phosphorus , iron , manganese and potassium are available. Doctors chronic this plant , ulcers , and advise those who suffer from diabetes . Add green peas to your diet menu prohibited.

Doctors also proved that green peas causes the liver . Hormonal symptoms 1 Obesity or weight loss in less time ; 2 Sweating ; 3 Headache ; 4 Dizziness ; 5 Nausea ; 6; 7 Redness of the face ; 8 Weakness ; 9
Insomnia ; 10 Stress and depression ; 11 The delay in the development of neck speeds or remain ; 12 The weakening of the muscles ; 13 Psychological stress ; 14 Weakening of sexual activity ; 15 Skin fading , drying and sagging ; 16 rapid hair loss or body . why ?

 Hypothalamic hormone releasing hormone and manages dye . This hormone is dependent on the activity of the liver . to enhance hormone : Good nutrition , stress, to get away from the sport , healthy sleep.

Hormones regulate the activity of the hormonal treatment by Chinese medicine takes a long time . But treatment does not produce the desired results .

 Chinese doctors of the hormonal background of the rule of aromatherapy massage and get the point . This treatment is adjusted for the endocrine system , heart, liver , lungs and other internal organs of the body and rejuvenates the treatment .

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