Friday, 14 February 2014

How to avoid chronic fatigue syndrome

Who among us does not feel overwhelmed when you go to the doctor the doctor does not find any organic disease, doctors reason may be due to hypoglycemia, or stress or psychological condition etc. But there is recent research that revealed this new disease syndrome (chronic stress), and is the chronic stress of more diseases controversial and resemble symptoms of flu symptoms and do not unite his obvious reason where the patient feels tired constant, in addition to some of the other symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, pain throat and joints do not feel comfortable even after sleep, it also suffers from the difficulty in focus has been accompanied by a slight rise in temperature.
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Usually comes this disease after disease virus flu-like, dishonest advisory therapeutic feeding, there is no drug treatment and clear of the disease, as it affects women three times more men, may remain patient a considerable period does not suffer from the symptoms of this disease so exposed to infection or psychological pressure appears to diseases that must protect and take care of the immune system, taking into account the increase of energy and be through nutrition.

Eating a lot of food energy, such as complex carbohydrates such as grains, vegetables and whole pulses as well as fruit. Eat protein by fish, turkey, and chicken without skin.

Stay away from foods. Stay away from stimulants with eating too much water, it is best to drink a glass of water every two or three he washes toxins and reduces muscle pain. Cold showers very helpful and may improve symptoms, but often with heart disease and blood vessels would prefer not to shower with cold water.

Finally we will talk about some of the dietary supplements that may be useful in this situation are advised to consult a physician before you start taking it.
Ginseng pills removes fatigue and given energy
Vitamin b12, vitamin A, and vitamin C
Iron ore and zinc.

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