Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Exposure to very cold air leads to injury paralysis in the facial nerve

Exposed a lot of people to currents of cold air down in the early hours of the morning, during the winter, when you go to work or to study, and sometimes we are exposed to the air is very cold at night, and have exposure to air directly, and others indirectly, such as sitting next to an open window transport, through which face direct exposure to cold air, we do not know the seriousness of it on the face.
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Professor and Chairman, Department wares, said the exposed face of the rights to air cooler severe or sudden change in temperature, may lead to injury paralysis of the facial nerve, and occurs due to a malfunction in the nerve VII, who works on feeding movements of the facial muscles, pointing out that the seventh nerve in the central cerebral nerves be highly sensitive and vulnerable to external factors of very cold air.

Speaking some of the symptoms that indicate the injury paralyzed facial nerve, a sense of tremor in the face with a change in the shape of the face, and pain behind the ear, and the loss of food from the mouth and there is a change in the amount of saliva, leading to the revelation of an empty stomach involuntarily from mouth, with the inability to close the eye.

He said the doctor, that paralysis facial nerve is cured by drugs cortisone with the performance of exercises for the muscles of the face, mouth, eye, also recommended the doctor to avoid injury paralyzed facial nerve not to direct exposure to the air is very cold, and do not get out of a warm atmosphere to the atmosphere very cold, and when exposed to air severe cold, a person must covering his face.

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