Friday, 14 February 2014

. How to treat the pain of the elbow joint overseas?

Specialist Orthopedics and Hand Surgery happens elbow pain, stress due to arm and hand, and the constant stress of the extensor muscles of the hand, for the spread of this problem is more between tennis players. The inflammation occurs as a result of non-germinal zone at the confluence of the extensor tendons and ligaments surrounding the elbow when the greatness of a foreign place connection tendons to bone.
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Infection of young people (of both sexes) and be more visible between the ages of 25-45 years, and starts pains gradient occurs most often after practicing the activities is the usual catch things strongly and desist joyous or with hand lift a period when you use a computer stationed in the greatness of the elbow Foreign In cases spread severe pain in upper limb, and getting worse with movement, especially during the pouring tea or run a door key or shaking hands vigorously with others.

To remedy this situation would be through a full rest, and put the hand in the holder of the arm and give painkillers and anti-inflammatory and work sessions Physiotherapy ultrasound and given very good results, although the pain can be continued by using the Local injection of cortisone injections. 

To remedy that problem now can be used platelet-rich plasma and adopt those modern idea to pull a very small portion of the blood of the man himself and his candidacy in a special device to get the platelets rich plasma which is responsible for building new tissue makes up the tissues, which eroded by inflammation and given very good results after that was cupping therapy and blood withdrawal therapy has become a solution injected blood is the most modern and best effect.

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