Friday, 14 February 2014

Simple Ways to relieve muscle pain after exercise

Sports expert advises, stimulating blood flow within the muscles that get vasospasm after exercise, where that stimulate blood flow helps the body get rid of damaged tissue and regeneration of cells during exposure to heat.

The recent U.S. study found that drinking cherry juice works to relieve muscle pain and Prevention (CDC), to contain the cherry juice active substances inflammatory and anti-oxidant.
It also advised the expert also go to the sauna, or bath with hot water, which works to reduce pain and supports the healing process, and said that muscle pain due to severe load on specific parts of the muscle, or doing unusual movements.
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Study: sweetened drinks change the nature of the muscles in the mouth
Recent medical study found that sweetened drinks lead to changing the nature of the muscles located in the mouth of the similarity of composition in people who suffer from obesity and type II diabetes.

The medical research conducted in this regard that the systematic approach of sweetened drinks and sweetened soft working to change the nature of the mechanism and the use of food as fuel for the muscles to make them more favorable to burn sugars for fat.

The researchers stressed that these drinks are working on a mechanism to change the metabolism because of the quantities of sugar-laden out to weaken the power of metabolism significantly.

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