Monday, 17 February 2014

Facilitate the practice of yoga during pregnancy

Due Yoga teacher and fitness expert credited in her pregnancy easy, and the subsequent development process without any problems to practice yoga daily situations, but during the night at times.

She (29 years) wife, which gave birth to the girl child five weeks ago, it committed itself to a program of fitness includes jogging slow but yoga, a 3,000-year-old sport coordinate between the movement and breathing was her priority.
Who is Kyle Leon?

She says, "When you feel cramps and pain in the middle of the night I leave the bed and exercise conditions of muscle strain."

"Many people are afraid of the practice drills and hurting themselves remains without movement most of the time."

In the case of normal pregnancy and the absence of problems, advises the American College of Gynecologists and gynecology pregnant women to exercise training gym for half an hour a day or most days.

Said columns expert sports training for pregnant women, who participated in the development of guidance of the American College, said that the women who come physically active they are born easy compared to those who do not are moving a lot.

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