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provision of medical care

Or its legal representative from the consent of the citizen to be required by legislation { medical examination medical care , hospitalization , to control , to isolate ) the provision of the dangerous diseases to others , suffering from severe mental disorder or mental illness who have committed socially dangerous act are attributed to individuals . They are seen by a physician decisions about medical care.

In the absence of consent of the citizens , with the consent of the legal representatives , medical assistance on the implementation of anti-epidemic measures are regulated by law . Persons who are suffering from severe mental examination and violations carried out in the manner prescribed by law.

As a result of the disease in persons who have committed socially dangerous act in the manner established by the legislation of compulsory medical measures can be applied . . Citizen or legal representative’s consent or a court order is not required, as defined by the elimination of the causes of civil cases kept prophylactic treatment.

Chapter V . Family planning and reproductive functions of human settlement

Article 29 Artificial insemination and embryo implantation
Reaching the age of majority in each woman has the right to artificial insemination and embryo implantation . Artificial insemination and embryo implantation husband and wife ( single woman) conducted a formal consent . Artificial insemination, embryo implantation , as well as the identity of the donor's medical secrecy.

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 Women of artificial fertilization , embryo implant logy the medical and legal consequences of the donor's medical and genetic analysis nationality , has the right to obtain information about the appearance and the information given by the doctor who conducted medical intervention . Persons guilty of illegal artificial impregnation and implantation of the embryo in the manner prescribed by law shall be held liable .

Article 30 Abortion
Every woman has the right to resolve the issue of motherhood. Abortion is a woman's desire to be carried out within 12 weeks of pregnancy. 22nd week of pregnancy, abortion can be carried out for social reasons. According to medical data , and with the consent of the woman's pregnancy, regardless of duration , the effect can be artificially .

Abortion public and non - public medical institutions are carried out by qualified doctors. Lists of medical and social indications for abortion are determined by the relevant executive authority. By physicians outside of hospitals and other medical institutions Abortion is prohibited.

Article 31 medical sterilization
To be deprived of the ability to make medical sterilization , or applied to protect a woman from pregnancy . Medical sterilization guidelines are established by the relevant executive authority of the state or non - state medical facilities are underway. Medical sterilization of persons who are guilty of illegal conduct will be liable under the legislation.

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