Sunday, 9 February 2014

The population of superficial muscles

Its contraction produces the abdominal cavity while a higher pressure, which has the same function and also helps digestion, shift food in the digestive tract.

They as representatives of this group are important for the actual breathing.
Use the diaphragm to breathe and both abdominal muscles - transverse and internal oblique - help exhale.
Furthermore, the influence of aspiratory descent of the diaphragm down and puts significant pressure on the abdominal cavity again have fucking work function mentioned above - keep everything important in his place.
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Therefore, when you inhale and contraction of the diaphragm starts automatically contractions of the pelvic muscles and so should help the other muscles of the core.
The actual breathing is one of the most effective practices and to learn how the body's core muscles properly and how to use it for other purposes.

External stress, stress, change the center of gravity
Physical stability of the core creates the other segments of the human body and is the basis of the kinematic chain of each movement. Simply put 

If you decide to pick up a dumbbell right hand, must solidify this complex to itself the power transferred to the arm and your body and managed to change the center of gravity and tumble down like a house of cards.

This feature, unfortunately, often due to physical passivity replaces the majority of the population superficial muscles

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