Friday, 14 February 2014

What is the effect of exercise on a regular basis on the muscles?

Muscle is considered a symbol of human health and strength, and our bodies contain hundreds of muscles, so we need to exercise to strengthen them and preserve them, what is the effect of regular exercise on muscle?

A member of the Society of Allergy and Immunology and advisory children and childhood Fellow of the Institute that our bodies contain 630 skeletal muscles, as well as 230 detailed moving, and the absence of movement is equivalent to the loss of 100 musculoskeletal leaner every day
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Muscle fatigue compels us to stop working, and fatigue, which is the most serious deficiency of respiratory muscles and refers to the importance of deep breathing, which is the easier road, and the least cost to relax and de-stress, good health.

He explains that diaphragm is the muscle responsible for 75% of breathing in normal circumstances and in normal circumstances we breathe about 5 liters of air per minute.

During the exercise, which man can exercise professional sports regularly to breathe 150 liters per minute, while the professional athletes breathing 220 liters per minute

The regular exercise helps maintain muscle mass in the body: decreases after the age of forty at a rate of 5% per annum, and by focusing on the sport 30 minutes a day.

As muscle tissue is more prevalent as the body's tissues constitute about 40% of the body weight and exercise contribute to strengthen muscles and increase in size, and even increase the size of the tissue and the related increase in density.

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