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Advice about eating healthy

If you noticed that the bruises began to appear frequently and it is not associated with injuries, moreover, they do not go for three weeks, see a doctor - maybe a problem in weak vessels and need to devote time to the care of the veins in the legs and do prevention of capillary "Stars" on her face.

Advice about eating healthy - The two-week diet will not make you slim forever. Proper nutrition and sports - that's the surest way to a great figure. Tonya FADEEVA checked on my experience, this simple truth.

Among my friends, I am known as a fanatical so-called healthy lifestyle. So-called - because the vast majority of those who hold a reasonable diet and exercise regularly, does not do it in the name of health, but for a more attractive appearance. Anyway, I'm not rabid sports fan and proper nutrition. I've always been a terrible sweet tooth, and for me a great pleasure, for example, eats a cake.

If someone can catch me at the time of the forbidden pleasure, be sure to like exclamation of surprise: "That's lucky you - eat cakes, but do not get fat." However, a different picture - I have had dinner a couple of apples and a glass of yogurt - also puzzling: "What limits you because it's all right with the figure." Yes, all right - the price some effort. Luck had nothing to do.

How does the olive oil in eradicating diseases?

The intake mixture of hanging of olive oil with the lemon juice morning on an empty stomach leads to the disposal of certain types of worms that live in the digestive tract. I'm nuts about it says:

"All articles thereof softeners for the skin and slow down the graying and prevents water from salty olive visitation burning fire, and tightens the gums and paper benefit of the ant and reddish sores and prevents sweat. Muscles Building Solution

According to scientific research to paint with olive oil may protect against the incidence of skin cancer, melanoma, and that the use of mixture of olive oil with a little beeswax after mixing well in a water bath on the backburner and use after it cools to paint skin blemishes and moles and thin as well as hemorrhoids, It has been found that the use of equal amounts of olive oil and glycerin with a few drops of lemon juice and paint the skin with a massage leads to the smoothness of the skin and remove roughness and cracks the hands and feet.

Olive oil to massage the scalp
Lead to the removal of the crust and strengthen the hair and abundance becomes soft smooth silky brilliant research results also showed that the development of olive oil on the head for several hours kills lice found it. Superficial burns Mini uses a mix egg whites and one with two tablespoons of olive oil topically paint without massage leads to healing of these injuries.

The effect of olive oil on blood pressure
Olive oil is very beneficial effect for patients with heart condition and high blood pressure, as the people who eat olive oil on a regular basis within the daily diets have their blood pressure level naturally.

Five Exercises funny indispensable

We review with you in this article, five exercises funny but meaningful result, they are exercises take positions maybe a little weird, but it is definitely easy to implement and you can do in your own home at any time.

Pilates exercise with legs open
It is known, that Pilates exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscles of the body and improves their flexibility at the same time, and may feel embarrassed when doing this exercise, subsequent mention the details, but if I knew its importance to change your mind.
see 2014 version
Features of this exercise:

Other than that this exercise works to strengthen the muscles of the legs and waist, but it also helps to achieve the flexibility and balance of the body.

Way of doing the exercise:
Sit on the floor with a back strain, Millie slightly back and lift your legs up taken the letter "V", with individual arms and your legs constipation.

Exercise squat
This is not an ordinary exercise squatting as it used to, but exercise is very deep.
Features of this exercise:

This exercise works on Lift the rear straightening the spine and tightens the muscles of the thighs inner tummy tucks.

If you feel tired, take a squatting position this deep, try to approach the Earth more than your body, or you can stand up and repeat it, the more patient more on this situation, the better the results.

Facilitate the practice of yoga during pregnancy

Due Yoga teacher and fitness expert credited in her pregnancy easy, and the subsequent development process without any problems to practice yoga daily situations, but during the night at times.

She (29 years) wife, which gave birth to the girl child five weeks ago, it committed itself to a program of fitness includes jogging slow but yoga, a 3,000-year-old sport coordinate between the movement and breathing was her priority.
Who is Kyle Leon?

She says, "When you feel cramps and pain in the middle of the night I leave the bed and exercise conditions of muscle strain."

"Many people are afraid of the practice drills and hurting themselves remains without movement most of the time."

In the case of normal pregnancy and the absence of problems, advises the American College of Gynecologists and gynecology pregnant women to exercise training gym for half an hour a day or most days.

Said columns expert sports training for pregnant women, who participated in the development of guidance of the American College, said that the women who come physically active they are born easy compared to those who do not are moving a lot.

What is the importance of exercise after giving birth?

. Ask the reader: What do I do until I avoid occurrence of sagging abdominal area of the body, and after the birthing process?
Answer professor of medicine and obstetrics diseases sciatica, saying: After a long gestation period, and after great effort exerted at birth, from natural to happen twice or sagging abdominal muscles and pelvic floor muscles.
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And where it is not expected to return this muscle to normal again, which leads to the following:

Occurrence of sagging in the abdomen, which loses a lot of features of beauty and femininity of women
The occurrence of weakness in the muscles of the pelvic floor, which works to support and install the pelvic organs such as the uterus, bladder and rectum, leading to the destabilization and the stability of these

organs and the occurrence of the fall of one of these organs, such as uterine prolapsed, or fall as a whole, such as the fall of the uterine correlative with the fall of the bladder or the bladder or rectum, or both.
This logic, it is clear the importance of exercise after giving birth, they are working to strengthen these muscles and returned to what it was, or even stronger than I was.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Stuffed Shirt muscle ... High fashion for men

Men are the symbol of power, and always be help for women who are weaker in the constitution of man, and the woman is considered to be a man macho is the strongest, The rise of men have evidence of the hardness and strength of his body and that he is the right man to protect her, but beware Madam Not all that glitters is gold, Not all of the muscles that real.
About Somanabolic
There of these muscles to highlight the attractions of their power, and that by wearing new in the fashion world, a stuffed shirt muscle; where no longer a problem to build muscle and get the body of stringy problem, you can today Dear guy to look macho without trouble.

For what already has fashion for men invented this shirt cotton lining in the form of muscles, it is through this technique you can enjoy the body of gorgeous and you can wear this shirt as a class infrastructure with your clothes daily and will not feel a difference, and perhaps this idea appeal to young who lack such This feature!!

Simple Ways to relieve muscle pain after exercise

Sports expert advises, stimulating blood flow within the muscles that get vasospasm after exercise, where that stimulate blood flow helps the body get rid of damaged tissue and regeneration of cells during exposure to heat.

The recent U.S. study found that drinking cherry juice works to relieve muscle pain and Prevention (CDC), to contain the cherry juice active substances inflammatory and anti-oxidant.
It also advised the expert also go to the sauna, or bath with hot water, which works to reduce pain and supports the healing process, and said that muscle pain due to severe load on specific parts of the muscle, or doing unusual movements.
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Study: sweetened drinks change the nature of the muscles in the mouth
Recent medical study found that sweetened drinks lead to changing the nature of the muscles located in the mouth of the similarity of composition in people who suffer from obesity and type II diabetes.

The medical research conducted in this regard that the systematic approach of sweetened drinks and sweetened soft working to change the nature of the mechanism and the use of food as fuel for the muscles to make them more favorable to burn sugars for fat.

The researchers stressed that these drinks are working on a mechanism to change the metabolism because of the quantities of sugar-laden out to weaken the power of metabolism significantly.

What is the effect of exercise on a regular basis on the muscles?

Muscle is considered a symbol of human health and strength, and our bodies contain hundreds of muscles, so we need to exercise to strengthen them and preserve them, what is the effect of regular exercise on muscle?

A member of the Society of Allergy and Immunology and advisory children and childhood Fellow of the Institute that our bodies contain 630 skeletal muscles, as well as 230 detailed moving, and the absence of movement is equivalent to the loss of 100 musculoskeletal leaner every day
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Muscle fatigue compels us to stop working, and fatigue, which is the most serious deficiency of respiratory muscles and refers to the importance of deep breathing, which is the easier road, and the least cost to relax and de-stress, good health.

He explains that diaphragm is the muscle responsible for 75% of breathing in normal circumstances and in normal circumstances we breathe about 5 liters of air per minute.

During the exercise, which man can exercise professional sports regularly to breathe 150 liters per minute, while the professional athletes breathing 220 liters per minute

The regular exercise helps maintain muscle mass in the body: decreases after the age of forty at a rate of 5% per annum, and by focusing on the sport 30 minutes a day.

As muscle tissue is more prevalent as the body's tissues constitute about 40% of the body weight and exercise contribute to strengthen muscles and increase in size, and even increase the size of the tissue and the related increase in density.

. How to treat the pain of the elbow joint overseas?

Specialist Orthopedics and Hand Surgery happens elbow pain, stress due to arm and hand, and the constant stress of the extensor muscles of the hand, for the spread of this problem is more between tennis players. The inflammation occurs as a result of non-germinal zone at the confluence of the extensor tendons and ligaments surrounding the elbow when the greatness of a foreign place connection tendons to bone.
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Infection of young people (of both sexes) and be more visible between the ages of 25-45 years, and starts pains gradient occurs most often after practicing the activities is the usual catch things strongly and desist joyous or with hand lift a period when you use a computer stationed in the greatness of the elbow Foreign In cases spread severe pain in upper limb, and getting worse with movement, especially during the pouring tea or run a door key or shaking hands vigorously with others.

To remedy this situation would be through a full rest, and put the hand in the holder of the arm and give painkillers and anti-inflammatory and work sessions Physiotherapy ultrasound and given very good results, although the pain can be continued by using the Local injection of cortisone injections. 

To remedy that problem now can be used platelet-rich plasma and adopt those modern idea to pull a very small portion of the blood of the man himself and his candidacy in a special device to get the platelets rich plasma which is responsible for building new tissue makes up the tissues, which eroded by inflammation and given very good results after that was cupping therapy and blood withdrawal therapy has become a solution injected blood is the most modern and best effect.

It seems simple tricks for your body and your face thinner

Here are some tricks that make look thinner, without resorting to any kind of fever or sports, and by applying the following:

For the face, determine the face or what is known as "Contour", the trick is slimming by make-up can be applied every day, choose a powder bronze or dark shadows more than two degrees of skin color or cream foundation, which were using, my dark shadows under the cheekbone up to your ears, With a little under your chin jaw line to create a shadow or illusion makes a face skinnier.
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The Body: If you are a fan of bronze color, just, when you mean tanning salons or tanning products where you place, ask for spray tanning the body that determines the class and on the arms and stomach to look slimmer and even the bones of your cheeks.

Finally Hair: tuft of hair blonde or gold helps to create vertical lines give effect slimmer, if your face rounded,

Do not let your hair short, and make sure to feed your hair to become a long time to break from the roundness of your face, but if your hair is long and curly, it gives impact that your body is smaller than it is, but if you have a round face, the hairstyles high or concentrated at the top of the head gives the effect that the face is smaller and softer.

How to avoid chronic fatigue syndrome

Who among us does not feel overwhelmed when you go to the doctor the doctor does not find any organic disease, doctors reason may be due to hypoglycemia, or stress or psychological condition etc. But there is recent research that revealed this new disease syndrome (chronic stress), and is the chronic stress of more diseases controversial and resemble symptoms of flu symptoms and do not unite his obvious reason where the patient feels tired constant, in addition to some of the other symptoms such as headaches, muscle pain, pain throat and joints do not feel comfortable even after sleep, it also suffers from the difficulty in focus has been accompanied by a slight rise in temperature.
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Usually comes this disease after disease virus flu-like, dishonest advisory therapeutic feeding, there is no drug treatment and clear of the disease, as it affects women three times more men, may remain patient a considerable period does not suffer from the symptoms of this disease so exposed to infection or psychological pressure appears to diseases that must protect and take care of the immune system, taking into account the increase of energy and be through nutrition.

Eating a lot of food energy, such as complex carbohydrates such as grains, vegetables and whole pulses as well as fruit. Eat protein by fish, turkey, and chicken without skin.

Stay away from foods. Stay away from stimulants with eating too much water, it is best to drink a glass of water every two or three he washes toxins and reduces muscle pain. Cold showers very helpful and may improve symptoms, but often with heart disease and blood vessels would prefer not to shower with cold water.

Finally we will talk about some of the dietary supplements that may be useful in this situation are advised to consult a physician before you start taking it.
Ginseng pills removes fatigue and given energy
Vitamin b12, vitamin A, and vitamin C
Iron ore and zinc.

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Diet Plan For A Great Summer Body

Get accessible for the summer by afterward these 5 rules to bistro right. If you brace this with exercise, you will absolutely get a abundant summer body.

* Consume foods accretion to 1,500 calories a day. If you counterbalance added than 200 pounds, access this amount up to 1,700 calories by abacus a individual 200-calorie bite or two 100 calorie snacks. You can aswell accept to access your protein confined at cafeteria and banquet to 4 ounces.

Muscles Diet Formula

* Eat every 4 hours. If you delay best than 4 hours afore eating, your claret amoroso and activity levels will abatement and it will leave you added accessible to authoritative poor bistro choices. Eat a 400-calorie breakfast, 300-calorie lunch, and 500-calorie banquet additional a bite account 100 to 200 calories.
* Have 3 ounces of protein for cafeteria and dinner.

* Watch the candy you’re eating. Eat advantageous candy like vegetable and bake-apple slices instead of avaricious a bagel or hitting the automat machines.

* Stay hydrated by allotment calorie-free beverages like water, sparkling water, herbal or atramentous tea and coffee but absolute your caffeinated drinks to alone two per day. Getting hydrated will advice accumulate your metabolism in top gear.

Why are people so helpless babies?

Meanwhile, the electrodes are removed from the arm of Sorensen. Not because it is in view of its health was necessary, but because clinical research has strict regulations with regard to the safety of the subject. Although the electrodes were active only a month, the researchers are confident that they can remain for many years in a row in the future and work, without being thereby affect the nervous system.
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For now the research shows that a bionic hand is possible. However, it may take years before it is ready for the market. So researchers must now work on a portable little system that the "feel" of the robot hand can put in information that the body can use. Also make the robot hand more sensitive. They want
Why are people so helpless babies?

We humans may find ourselves or very intelligent compared to other animals are our babies quite helpless. For example, it takes up to a year before a human child can walk, while a baby elephant already taking the first steps immediately after his birth. Why are we so helpless and underdeveloped at birth? Sometimes we are born prematurely?

For years it was assumed by the knowledge that our helpless babies are the result of a relatively large human skull size and the restriction of the female pelvis.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Laboratory tests

Laboratory tests proved that the mallow contain a great deal of vitamin "A", which helps in the representation of sugars, and maintain the integrity of the nervous system, and the emergence of diseases, swelling of the legs, which leads to progressive muscle weakness and parties.
Benefits of dry mallow:

Characterized mallow stiff or land dried for green or fresh in several points in nutritional value, for example, mallow green contain about 3.83% protein, while mallow dry containing 22.8% protein, it is known that proteins are very essential for the growth and tissue building the body, and the percentage of fat in mallow green is 0.41%, while it is in dry 2.44%,
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while the proportion of carbohydrates are 8.03%, while the jump in the mallow stiff to about 48%, which compounds work to calm the nerves and strengthen eyesight and stimulate the heart and be useful in cases of low blood pressure, weakness, while no fiber 1.71% in the mallow green, and increase to 10.21% in the stiff dried mallow, which is thus of higher plants contain fiber necessary for bowel movement, and thus the prevention of colon problems and gastrointestinal tract.

What are the best ways for you look younger?

Life goes on and the years coming in, and every year that goes by we charting time a fine line on our foreheads notification us the number of these years, but do not worry madam about these lines for every problem has a solution and treatment, we offer you these tips for you look younger and these years the phenomenon in your face.
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 • Use topical lotions that contain antioxidants such as vitamin "C" and "E", green tea, grape seed extract every morning on the skin to protect it from UV rays and pollution.

• Use formulations that contain a component of the Retain every night to help treat and protect your skin from sun damage and polishing the surface, the vitamin A found in cosmetic also helps in the treatment of blackheads and acne, try lotion Retinol 0.5% which can you get it from pharmacies.

• Use sun protective factor of at least a sun protection SPF50 for a day, on the face, neck, upper chest and hands, and remember that 40% of the signs of progress in the age of the skin you get a result of exposure to sunlight.

 • A national exercise to work the muscles of the face daily to maintain the shape of the face and the severity of muscle, you can see a variety of videos on the Internet that teaches you perfect ways to exercise the facial muscles.

• Follow a diet inspired by the lifestyle of the Mediterranean! They are full of essential fatty acids such as Omega 3, 6 and 9, and a lot of useful high-quality proteins such as chicken, fish and eggs. All these foods and ingredients help in maintaining the beauty and youth of the skin, unlike the full-fat foods that give you a dull complexion look older.

Exposure to very cold air leads to injury paralysis in the facial nerve

Exposed a lot of people to currents of cold air down in the early hours of the morning, during the winter, when you go to work or to study, and sometimes we are exposed to the air is very cold at night, and have exposure to air directly, and others indirectly, such as sitting next to an open window transport, through which face direct exposure to cold air, we do not know the seriousness of it on the face.
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Professor and Chairman, Department wares, said the exposed face of the rights to air cooler severe or sudden change in temperature, may lead to injury paralysis of the facial nerve, and occurs due to a malfunction in the nerve VII, who works on feeding movements of the facial muscles, pointing out that the seventh nerve in the central cerebral nerves be highly sensitive and vulnerable to external factors of very cold air.

Speaking some of the symptoms that indicate the injury paralyzed facial nerve, a sense of tremor in the face with a change in the shape of the face, and pain behind the ear, and the loss of food from the mouth and there is a change in the amount of saliva, leading to the revelation of an empty stomach involuntarily from mouth, with the inability to close the eye.

He said the doctor, that paralysis facial nerve is cured by drugs cortisone with the performance of exercises for the muscles of the face, mouth, eye, also recommended the doctor to avoid injury paralyzed facial nerve not to direct exposure to the air is very cold, and do not get out of a warm atmosphere to the atmosphere very cold, and when exposed to air severe cold, a person must covering his face.

The psychological state of the main reasons for the spread

Rising incidence of immunological diseases in the winter, where affected by lower temperatures, and between these diseases, "psoriasis”. What are the most important causes of injury, and what types, and the most important treatments for psoriasis?

Explains, consultant dermatologist and head of the Egyptian Society of Dermatology, Psoriasis occur as a result of the disorder in the immune system, which consists cells namely that attack skin layers lower, leading to a proliferation of cell surface composed scales that appear on the skin, which is the most important thing characteristic of psoriasis. Best Muscles Building Solution

Studies indicate that psoriasis affects 2-3% of the world's population, or nearly 125 million people, pointing out that the human body renew skin every month, but when the incidence of psoriasis develops the proliferation of skin cells on the top layer of the skin in less time than the normal range, which leads to the accumulation of cells on the skin peels composed.

He added, "Solomon", it is difficult to determine the causes of injury psoriasis, especially as immune diseases that occur as a result of immune disorders is difficult to determine their causes, but there are some people vulnerable to disease immune from others, through history genotypic to their families, as rising infection rates with bad mental state and general weakness of the immune status in the body.

The "Solomon" to the emergence of the main symptoms of psoriasis crusts on the skin, and with a severe pain at the site of infection in the body, psoriasis, and inflammation in the joints, with patches of skin tend to blush or silver and covered in scales.

Doctors and nutrition drivers most prone to "obesity"

Dietary habits and genetic predisposition, may be one of the most important reasons for the injury some certain types of diseases, but did you know that the nature of your business a major role in increasing your chances of developing certain diseases are linked one way or another profession in which they operate?

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There are many jobs that require do exposure to certain conditions and may represent those circumstances a major cause of infection skin diseases, Specialist dermatology, describes the most important of these jobs, she says, of more jobs which make their owners susceptible to skin diseases are those that depends on
dealing with children nursery teachers, due to the recurrence of injury to children of certain skin diseases such as measles, chickenpox, insect hair, tuberculosis.

There are also other diseases transmitted by infection through the gastrointestinal tract, which is worms, which are frequently spread among children, but in the case of transmission to adults symptoms appear on the skin in the form of blisters resemble boils.

Workers centers cosmetics and ladies houses also susceptible to certain skin diseases, the most important skin eczema, known illness housewives, as a result of dealing with the large number of detergents and chemicals.

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After the abdominal muscles hurt

CoughOne diseases will be for male individuals allegedly one of the representatives of deadly diseases - cough.
 Surely you ever happen to you all day so profusely coughing up the next day and you need a few days after the abdominal muscles hurt. Hurt you just as you Bolivar biceps or other body parts for quality training.
Become A Muscle Builder
As we said last time, the primary function of this complex is to withstand all kinds of stress, coughing which to a certain extent.
 In how rapidly the pressure changes in the thoracic and abdominal cavity thus, comes the role of stabilizer - core body, especially the abdominal transverse muscle

If the stress lasts long enough, the muscle is tired of course, as we have repeatedly lifting any load.
Too bad they did not understand and I have not seen in gyms during training every cough - these examples are very important because it is important to realize, quite simply, how it all works.

Another of Representatives, certainly more pleasant to learn aware of the body's core activity is laughter.
More significant, laughter raises our body the same stress stimuli and forces us to use muscles need to hold everything in place.

The defensive reaction of the body

Another method to illustrate and describe their clients as they learn to perceive these muscles and work with them is a natural defensive reaction of the body to certain stimuli.If you were really young, especially boys, I'm sure you remember how you another "macho" beat in the stomach to show his strength.

Puzzle comprehensive Bodybuilding training

In the next part we will look at ways to get started with physical core work to learn how to perceive the activity of these muscles, what tools we can use and what the appropriate basic exercises, than everything are

Will connect to the puzzle comprehensive training
Physical nucleus - from theory to practice small steps
Discussion about Bodybuilding for Beginners Best Muscles Building SolutionIn previous work we have started many times the celebrated theme, and to strengthen the body's core.
We explained the anatomical characteristics of the area, the importance of the functioning of this system, and perhaps you've even convinced us that something is.

Today we will focus on specific ways to start working with the system as it gradually incorporate into regular training and take advantage of all the benefits that we offer an enhanced center of the body.

Normal reflexes from which we must learn
Before we get into the "artificial" methods by which we try to get an important ally on his side, I will try to explain to you from my own experience, current activity, and how everything is simple, but most advantageous.

Although all of this I try to impart information to your training and overall healthier lifestyle do we start completely from the other end of the disease

Do not take me so literally, but we first need to understand what actually works because already in this article I mentioned complexity of when the deep stabilizing system cannot really touch and see its development in the mirror.

Completely functional muscle surface

Which unfortunately does not protect you need one important lumbar spine, because the person is unnecessarily risking a number of unpleasant injuries.

Important features associated with this is the ability of coordination and balance, the center of gravity is not fixed or waving of hands how many times does not help and stability is gone.

Lumbar spine
As we have already mentioned, it is the most delicate region is statistically the highest injury, most often a slipped disc.Become A Muscle Builder
Any external stress, especially change of position, tilt, and bend, bow, even combined with the increased burden is enormous congestion in this area.

Increase muscle activity on the one hand the pressure in the abdominal cavity, which in itself, as it contracted muscles, creating active support your spine and absorb a substantial portion of overload.

 Everything is basically the same as such a weightlifting belt, only active, and this belt, if you have a well trained, just take off and help you at anytime.

Surface vs. the deep muscles
The great dogma is unfortunately that if we want to make this work well, we must be drained completely functional muscle surface. I dare say that this is not true.

The human body is a complex one, and if you strip out the functions of the part or the other, from which activities require will not work 100%. Everything works cooperatively and there is the fact that the majority of superficial and deep muscles in the same area innervate, thus activates one nerve branch.

The population of superficial muscles

Its contraction produces the abdominal cavity while a higher pressure, which has the same function and also helps digestion, shift food in the digestive tract.

They as representatives of this group are important for the actual breathing.
Use the diaphragm to breathe and both abdominal muscles - transverse and internal oblique - help exhale.
Furthermore, the influence of aspiratory descent of the diaphragm down and puts significant pressure on the abdominal cavity again have fucking work function mentioned above - keep everything important in his place.
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Therefore, when you inhale and contraction of the diaphragm starts automatically contractions of the pelvic muscles and so should help the other muscles of the core.
The actual breathing is one of the most effective practices and to learn how the body's core muscles properly and how to use it for other purposes.

External stress, stress, change the center of gravity
Physical stability of the core creates the other segments of the human body and is the basis of the kinematic chain of each movement. Simply put 

If you decide to pick up a dumbbell right hand, must solidify this complex to itself the power transferred to the arm and your body and managed to change the center of gravity and tumble down like a house of cards.

This feature, unfortunately, often due to physical passivity replaces the majority of the population superficial muscles

A group of muscles and muscle function

It is a group of muscles muscle dam:musclefunction: general - flexible scum pelvis, uterine support apparatus
Deep layers of muscle injury (most often referred mmmultisided)
Start: insertion: vertebrae (to a greater number of Thorns)function: the fuselage - dorsal flexion (p bow), auxiliary rotation (second page)

I understand that for many of you, this section of Article Spanish village and after the first few Latin phrases you are about to give up, but if you stayed here, which I really hope you all so professional lay them back to our simple puzzle.

When we talked about the cylinder, box or box, so we can accurately locate individual muscles
We cover our box stands up beautifully diaphragm. The day will logically pelvic floor muscles and the rest of us remain for the entire wall - mentioned abdominal muscles - back and spine us perfectly "staples" she deep spinal muscle group.

Normal reflexes, unexpected situations - the core functionality
What constitutes the main importance of this complex? What we actually this is the box?
Whether passively or actively protects the "packaging" of our bodies. Passive mini that just forms a layer that already in itself creates a shield from external influences - shock, etc.

Actively protects our organs and that with proper contraction creates pressure on the abdominal cavity, making it clamped, and ensures that everything was in place, do not flinch, did not move into any of the holes.

Describe the muscles that fit into the system

Since this is a "wrapper" of the abdominal cavity, where it is stored most vital organs, not much to talk about.
Another argument is the lumbar section of the spine, which in this area also located, which is the most delicate part of our body axial support.

Because it is the lowest stored movable section which bears the highest load, plus there any manipulation other external load multiplied, he faces a number of risks and many injuries associated with overloading and overall movement but with normal activities and vice versa with physical inactivity, but that's mainly because of the lack of support the body's core muscles.
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Anatomy, expert views, functional aspect
But we talked only in general terms and this group to different geometric shapes, describe it a little more sophisticated and professionally.

We will describe the muscles that fit into the system, its origin and insertion, we found that two sites together attract their contractions, and their exact function.

Transverse abdominal muscle (M.)function: the fuselage - auxiliary rotation, abdominal press; breathing - exhaling
The internal oblique abdominal muscles (M. obliqueintern’sabdominals)Start: thoraxcolumbaria fascia, iliac crest, lag inguinalinsertion: 10th - 12th rib atoner. m oblique int. + m tarns.

Function: the fuselage –laterflexed, rotation, abdominal press; breathing - exhaling
The diaphragm (diaphragmm )Start: spine, rectus abdominal muscleinsertion: Centrefunctions: respiration – inspirationPelvic floor (M. pelvis)

The muscles of the body's core

You may enumerate the muscles need to be I will know Latin, but what's the point and how to put into context, it will be a problem.
I will not bore you with a professional Latin terms that have but just one paragraph forgive, so I would first like to explain all human kind, that you really could imagine everyone - layman who wants to know what happened to the body core is and how use it in your next workout.
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To you maybe a little motivated to read, most of the body's core muscles need also for the reason that your belly was beautifully flat, solid and as powerful and help you in all other power and overall performance disciplines.
Spatial Orientation - simply, clearly

Already in the past articles I have this group of muscles - the muscles of the body's core - he compared to an imaginary box, boxes, cylinders and all possible objects of similar shape.

This shape is very important because it accurately describes the parts and functionality of the complex.
That creates a kind of packing, protective box for your content. The important thing is to always be working all the walls; otherwise it just will not work.

The most common name is just the center of the body, which can be a bit confusing in that they do it then wrongly classified all sorts of other people and superficial muscles, which are only found in the center, the center of gravity of the human body.

But this is not completely inverted the meaning and function of this group to further explain.The importance of this system probably goes without saying, when you realize what's in the box actually is all about.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Currants do not know about

Today, writer and publicist , Ms. Number PhD in biology from the original source research on the basis of chemical and medicinal properties of currant plants are not known to most of us , I will submit . I hope that profit . Name of plant currants ancient Russian word " sordid " taken from the word .

" Sorority » leaves the meaning of " bad UTI ", " acute UTI " have a favorite fruit of everyone from children to adults . But it is not only the right to use the fruit . Currant leaves from the roots of ancient times , and the benefits of using it as a food source leaves and seeds of the human body is capable of recovering missing . For example, it can show its sink . Black currant jam in the treatment of patients with high blood pressure is to use . Moreover, a positive effect on the activity of the heart .
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to a high temperature , and also used as a diuretic very tasty fruit that grows in July and August . The chemical composition of black currant fruit, leaves and some very ancient one vitamins have been found beneficial to the human body .

4-5 times depending on the composition of strawberries currants , 8-10 times , 15-20 times, raspberry, apple, cherry , plum, 30-50 times, pears, apricots and more. 300-400 mg of vitamin C content of fruit 100qqaragat . 100 g currants fruit 5-6 days to ensure the needs of older people C  containing 4000 mg % Vitamin , P , B , B6 , D , E , K , carotene , 10-13 % sugar, 17.3 % of dry matter , taking up to 4-5 % , lemon tartaric acids , 1.43 % of vaccinations , caffeine , , Xenon -3 - glycoside , 3 - found .

 Tərkibində2 flowers ,36 - 3 , 56 % glucose , fructose 2,72-4,75 % , 0,24-1,06 % sucrose , pentose items were found . ripe 3,85-5,9 % 3 , 3 - retinoid cyanides , dolphin, retinoid  dolphin, in addition to fruit pectin , apple, lemon , wine, 0.01 % of the essential oil of the fruit of the currant Sinai 3 , RIDGE 3 - , delfidin3 -, Sine 3,5 -, determined by have ( Chandler , Harper , 1958 , Rachel 1960 , Harboring Hall , 1964 ) . other items , found in the content of black items :, etc. and. Take his, 1964 ) . acid composition of currant and Found (, 1973 ) .

 Altai mountain zones , ending in the composition of black currant Sinai 3 , 3 - cyanides , etc. delfinidin3 -discovered .
The composition of the flora of the country , spreading seeds chemical composition of and party EN and. As a result of a variety of plant nova currant varieties from the bark , buds , leaves, flowers , and widely used in a variety of bud , leaf , fruit, cold of TB disease , , as a diuretic , an organism infection running diseases .

Do not know about bananas

This is an overview of each of the time , even though we eat a delicious banana every day to talk about at least one of the pieces . We use a lot of time to think about a banana as a fruit . However , not only the fruit, bananas , and even considered diet . Usually, women who want to lose weight, eat banana after intense sports activity .

 However, to restore lost energy source and also to take advantage of the calcium content of banana . In fact, bananas, sugar -containing disorder . Sports actions consume it immediately after the blackberry drink juice or carrot juice .
This will restore the lost energy , but also a healthy way can help continue . The goal is to attract example , bananas have a lot of information about the unknown . Which comprehensively examining the data , the writer and publicist who offers us a unified way , Ms. of Philosophy in Biology .

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On the basis of his findings, I present to you today's news. Here you can learn about the benefits of bananas and chemical composition. The root system of the grass plant and a luscious paradise banana bread , vegetable dishes , the way bread , bread and so on in the garden . stalk is covered with feathers , flowers dark red color. The fruits are long, elongated, is a three -sided , celebrity cores . Seeds  is in a very flattened . Banana fruit tərkibində75 - up to 76% water, 15-25 % sugar, up to 7 % starch, 1.3 % protein , 0.3-0.6 % essential oil , cellulose , apple acid , enzyme , pectin substances , potassium salts , C , B2 , PP , E A cars . There are a lot of tannin in the bark and.

The aqueous composition containing wheat banana quick solution to the smell from the air depends on its composition . is used in most of the fresh bananas .

Add the vegetables to the cooking part of the flour, powder , jam , juice, marmalade, syrup and others. as a laxative and stomach medications are. Immature fruit and flower diabetes diseases . a variety of fruits , from those who are involved in atherosclerosis, hypertension , dysentery , small intestine , stomach, inflammation of the kidneys, and so on. diseases are used . Due to an increase in the acidity of the sugar allowed to take fruit from the valuable physiologically - active substances , dopamine , catecholamine , and so on. from the intestine and the stomach to are used successfully . It juice to stop bleedings , dysentery , inflammation on against plague are.

In addition, the excitation banana juice , are also used. ashes are used as the root of the plant . Bananas are a source of potassium element . K cells collected from the human element heart , liver , brain and muscles , while most of the people who are suffering from the normal edit service is bananas . EdirInsanların banana treat the wounds of the stomach , 50% suffer from gastric ulcers . treatment of bananas , and the infusion is widely used. So has a positive effect on the stomach mucosa , causing ounces time to recover . In the usual treatment of eating fruits improves a person's mood .

It is part of the toning effect the time of the blood pressure is normal arterial blood pressure in humans , it positive nervous system , ultimately regulate the amount of sugar falls , lung stronger effect . Making banana growing , improving performance , eliminating fatigue .

Drought impacts and consequences of body

Our body needs a lot of water so that you know what to do . Physically healthy way of life that we need to continue research in this highly amount of water , minerals and other substances to be transported to all parts of to need to use enough water . Because the tissues into the blood curdling all you need and it prevents aging , wrinkles , face , causing problems such as diseases of the infection .

 In short, not only are the items that need your body through foods , not drinking a lot of water at the same time you can not complete . At the same time, the demand for water in the cells of nerve endings there.

Those who are thirsty for a long period of time and trouble of not being able to give correct responses can be observed .

Thirst for a healthy brain and nervous system, the structure of the acid-base balance in the activities of the establishment of the important for a healthy way to live . Cells are continually working to re-key environment, take it out with water and acid to pass a new water main will need to create an atmosphere .

This is not the right way to provide a variety of cells, tissues, diseases , pains and problems . Especially those who live in hot climates , unfortunately , failed to pay enough attention to the use of water in the face the negative effects of drought . They are the signs of premature aging , fatigue , wrinkles are formed.

To do this, every day, at least eight or ten glasses of water to drink to the thirsty Art that came into being after a while your body will not be able to maintain chemical balance and eventually death will occur .
Concerns about water use in daily life due to the loss of life , given that it was the wrong approach , you can see condone the use of liquids .

Diseases that cause weight gain

Eat a lot , sedentary lifestyle and psychological If you are having problems , you can increase weight . If you believe that none of them , however, increase in weight , the body may be due to other concerns . Do not diagnose yourself this time examined.

Because the diagnosis and treatment check vague health problems can convert a larger increase . One of the reasons could be a lack of the hormone estrogen in the body weight gain . Concern among the people during the so-called sex hormone deficiency may require different types of treatment . subsequent use of excessive fatty foods or cut , it will cause disruption of the hypothalamus and thus disrupted the balance of energy intake in your body .
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This disorder , which affects the quality of give rise to excessive weight problems , sleep disorders , eating and drinking in order Habits from the body 's immune system is affected by many of the area .

Due to this situation, which could lead to a decrease in the saturation eat more than you can eat . Hypothyroidism , the body 's metabolism rate and reduces steadily declining metabolism will use less energy will become mandatory for the weight gain . If you buy the treatment , gradually increase weight . Adrenal gland to work : Excessive production of the hormone cortical in the adrenal gland that increases the running , the majority of this hormone causes the accumulation of fat , especially abdominal and neck regions .

ovarian syndrome in women is caused by an increase in the weight of this concern . According to the growth of the spine and abdomen itself . Women with polycystic ovarian syndrome diet programs are proposed to be applied .: Women mostly known as sex hormone in men failure cause an increase in the weight of one of diseases . If you are given a medicine to treat estrogen deficiency , lack of If it is applied in accordance with the hormone . Disorders of the hypothalamus : The hypothalamus disorders research confirms the thesis may be caused by excessive weight .

Disrupting the balance of energy in the body to use fatty foods can cause damage to the hypothalamus . The region is suffering from a long-term obesity proteins emerges . Is a lack of the hormone estrogen in the presence of diseases that increase weight.

This is caused by hormone deficiency that led to the use of the excessive fatty foods galore. Later he gave up eating fatty, even if you are having problems , unfortunately , self- improve . This time, the body will be disrupted balance of energy intake and expenditure . If not treated, it can lead to bigger problems .

Hormone replacement law

Sedentary lifestyle and fast food snacks causes hormonal changes . This problem is also transmitted through the genes . The problem is not eliminated , it can result in infertility . How to do a blood test to determine the hormonal background . I why?

hormonal changes caused by obesity, diabetes , arterial hypertension, stress , depression , joints , causing atherosclerosis and diseases . It is a lifelong process. With the constant need to combat obesity . Because the root of men suffer from sexual weakness. Slimming patients to combat obesity ( fat melting ) recommend products . This medication is removed through the bowels of the body fat is 30% . The remainder of the absorbed fat from the body through sport and diet . Green peas causes the liver .
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According to a recent study by legume family of plants , which contain a lot of protein . However, the protein product of the meat protein is stronger than green peas . Glucose and fructose that is a lot of green peas , sweet and delicious . 100 grams of green peas was 72 kcal composition B , B2 , PP , C , carotene , minerals, salt, calcium, phosphorus , iron , manganese and potassium are available. Doctors chronic this plant , ulcers , and advise those who suffer from diabetes . Add green peas to your diet menu prohibited.

Doctors also proved that green peas causes the liver . Hormonal symptoms 1 Obesity or weight loss in less time ; 2 Sweating ; 3 Headache ; 4 Dizziness ; 5 Nausea ; 6; 7 Redness of the face ; 8 Weakness ; 9
Insomnia ; 10 Stress and depression ; 11 The delay in the development of neck speeds or remain ; 12 The weakening of the muscles ; 13 Psychological stress ; 14 Weakening of sexual activity ; 15 Skin fading , drying and sagging ; 16 rapid hair loss or body . why ?

 Hypothalamic hormone releasing hormone and manages dye . This hormone is dependent on the activity of the liver . to enhance hormone : Good nutrition , stress, to get away from the sport , healthy sleep.

Hormones regulate the activity of the hormonal treatment by Chinese medicine takes a long time . But treatment does not produce the desired results .

 Chinese doctors of the hormonal background of the rule of aromatherapy massage and get the point . This treatment is adjusted for the endocrine system , heart, liver , lungs and other internal organs of the body and rejuvenates the treatment .

cellulite massage

during the winter months to combat cellulite. In summer, when it began to wear swimwear and shorts will be presented with the bitter truth . Do not allow you to poison the summer months , but the signs of cellulite . There are many options to overcome.
But , of course , everyone's budget may not be sufficient to pay the cost of these treatments . In addition , working women may be difficult to distinguish when these treatments . May occur during the treatment of certain work session set to begin. Treatments lasted for a long time to execute , of course, is not easy . But if you want , you can look even better in all conditions . Cellulite massage with natural oils you today how you will explain what you can.

Both anti - cellulite creams , as well as the effect of essential oils massage tissue layers increases. All the actions described below before , and then apply the other foot . * Yatagınızın sit on or place on a clean surface . Gently pull your feet right before you . Then plug in your hands to keep the two sides of your feet .
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 Knew all the omegas an energetic start to your feet . Starting from the feet up to the top of the lid omegas Keep your knees upward . Repeat this movement 10-15 times in revitalizing blood circulation .

 * You can then leave out your flesh rhythmic movements . This action strengthens legs , and helps your skin the right and left hands to consistently prey . Continue until the knees . * Front and outer part of the knee cap can stop weaker punches . The movements in the upper layers of the skin to the blood circulation makes out . * slightly around the prey , and then drawing circles lightly with fingertips in a circular massage around the knee cap . Rub gently on the back of the knee up towards the end . *

 Finally, the calf muscles of both hands, gently press . Leave out the muscle from the bone , then lightly prey . Consistent with a hand while the other is behind the foot to move upward . Which smells beautiful skin easily absorbed vegetable oils .

 It is governed by fat metabolism and blood circulation , facilitate the excretion of toxins accumulated in the body , known since ancient times in many people 's fitness . Mixtures prepared for the challenges of cellulite by accelerating blood circulation, helps the disintegration of fat .

Degradable oils are taken from the body through urine . At the same time, these oils nourish and strengthen skin . Cellulite oil Preparation: 1 teaspoon sesame oil , 7-8 drops of orange oil , 7-8 drops of rosemary oil , Melissa oil, 5-6 drops , 6-7 drops of thyme oil a clean bowl and mix. Heat the mixture slightly . This massage oil should be used as follows: unit gently massage the oil .

Full through the skin over the area, scrub the grill with a 10-15 minute massage. Massage for at least 20 minutes after the end of the unit Please exercise. Sports then wash with massage unit. You should do it 2 times a week during the morning and evening.

your weight loss is going

3 times a week , 20 minutes of intense aerobics ladies will suffice. But do not forget to walk this walk together . Take a walk every day . This way you 'll be able to release fats comfortable . Trip duration should be 45-60 minutes .

Thus , you will lose 350-450 kcal of energy . Other aerobics exercises and lose fat , 500 grams each week by following the diet . Calculate , it is 24 kg per year . The outcome of foolish to expect with lightning speed train and walk .
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impact will be gradual . If you feel that your weight loss is going to slow, then increment. But also to a change in diet , physical exercises training . Do not use bike and walking alone. Identity , however, quickly tired.

, fitness and aerobics , do not hesitate to change their actions . Lower than the previous rate felt training . In the next stage , you see food diet , calories , you need to exercise a little increment relating to the collection and muscle .

This refers to the period after the dissolution of fat . But be very careful : You may return any small mistake you again lost fats .

Urgent to lose weight

An urgent need to give weight to any activity , it is best to start immediately . You can think of yourself as an individual that you have a perfect body . However, you should not ignore it necessary to give weight . When you need to get your weight is 10 pounds in the previous year . Do not imagine you can not be yourself weight . Know yourself , sensible , optimistic and evaluate goals in the truth .
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 Thus, each of which will not make a mistake . The first thing to do is have time to look at how to operate participates yourself and focus on your goal of weight loss . Those who need a) tribe ) Plan / programs ) support or help someone : a) Date of date . According to history quite right , you can move on . If you are training in your power to give , but how much weight should think . Reward yourself on this issue and demonstrate the best performance .

can do much better with time . b ) Plan and program yourself for at least 21 days. Make an appointment for yourself an exercise program . If you make 5 times a week , 10-15 minutes 2 days , 2 days for 30-45 minutes ( walking , cycling and yoga can transform ) , and 1 day for 60-90 minutes exercise . 3 or 4 times a day before meals Eat 're set . It may be difficult at first, but be reasonable .

Whether you're hungry between meals, how to eat , it will be to your disadvantage . Sugary , fried food dishes . Do not drink sugary drinks . c ) Support all these things together, you will get a companion . Take control of yourself and each other . It is more convenient to your destination , the will provide real vəmotivasiya . If you apply the result may not be perfect ! Finally, if the goal is reached if all this homework right and without interruption. This is your reward!

The only thing you need to remember 21 days to review and take regular exercise. If you want to preserve the shape of the above- mentioned activities should save a spotlight.

provision of medical care

Or its legal representative from the consent of the citizen to be required by legislation { medical examination medical care , hospitalization , to control , to isolate ) the provision of the dangerous diseases to others , suffering from severe mental disorder or mental illness who have committed socially dangerous act are attributed to individuals . They are seen by a physician decisions about medical care.

In the absence of consent of the citizens , with the consent of the legal representatives , medical assistance on the implementation of anti-epidemic measures are regulated by law . Persons who are suffering from severe mental examination and violations carried out in the manner prescribed by law.

As a result of the disease in persons who have committed socially dangerous act in the manner established by the legislation of compulsory medical measures can be applied . . Citizen or legal representative’s consent or a court order is not required, as defined by the elimination of the causes of civil cases kept prophylactic treatment.

Chapter V . Family planning and reproductive functions of human settlement

Article 29 Artificial insemination and embryo implantation
Reaching the age of majority in each woman has the right to artificial insemination and embryo implantation . Artificial insemination and embryo implantation husband and wife ( single woman) conducted a formal consent . Artificial insemination, embryo implantation , as well as the identity of the donor's medical secrecy.

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 Women of artificial fertilization , embryo implant logy the medical and legal consequences of the donor's medical and genetic analysis nationality , has the right to obtain information about the appearance and the information given by the doctor who conducted medical intervention . Persons guilty of illegal artificial impregnation and implantation of the embryo in the manner prescribed by law shall be held liable .

Article 30 Abortion
Every woman has the right to resolve the issue of motherhood. Abortion is a woman's desire to be carried out within 12 weeks of pregnancy. 22nd week of pregnancy, abortion can be carried out for social reasons. According to medical data , and with the consent of the woman's pregnancy, regardless of duration , the effect can be artificially .

Abortion public and non - public medical institutions are carried out by qualified doctors. Lists of medical and social indications for abortion are determined by the relevant executive authority. By physicians outside of hospitals and other medical institutions Abortion is prohibited.

Article 31 medical sterilization
To be deprived of the ability to make medical sterilization , or applied to protect a woman from pregnancy . Medical sterilization guidelines are established by the relevant executive authority of the state or non - state medical facilities are underway. Medical sterilization of persons who are guilty of illegal conduct will be liable under the legislation.

medical intervention in cases

On the basis of urgent medical intervention is considered vital tips or patient is unable to express its decision on the status of the issue will be resolved by consultation . cases, medical intervention is not possible to decide on the treatment of treatment -and-prophylactic institutions or directly providing information to managers ( the guard ) is made by the doctor .

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The manner prescribed by law , and persons who are incapable of carrying out medical intervention if necessary to minors and their parents or legal representatives must have the consent .

Article 27 Refusal of medical intervention
Cases provided by legislation ( emergency medical assistance where necessary ) , with the exception of the citizen or his legal representative to refuse medical intervention , or has the right to demand its cessation . Citizens refuse medical intervention , or his legal representative shall be given an explanation of the possible consequences .

Refusal of medical intervention and its future results , medical records , and an explanation of its own citizens , or legal representative, as well as signed by the medical officer .

The manner prescribed by law, are considered incapable of reaching the age of majority of the people, or their parents or legal representatives , servants, persons in the event of refusal of medical intervention is necessary for life , health care facilities may apply to court to protect their health .