Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The psychological state of the main reasons for the spread

Rising incidence of immunological diseases in the winter, where affected by lower temperatures, and between these diseases, "psoriasis”. What are the most important causes of injury, and what types, and the most important treatments for psoriasis?

Explains, consultant dermatologist and head of the Egyptian Society of Dermatology, Psoriasis occur as a result of the disorder in the immune system, which consists cells namely that attack skin layers lower, leading to a proliferation of cell surface composed scales that appear on the skin, which is the most important thing characteristic of psoriasis. Best Muscles Building Solution

Studies indicate that psoriasis affects 2-3% of the world's population, or nearly 125 million people, pointing out that the human body renew skin every month, but when the incidence of psoriasis develops the proliferation of skin cells on the top layer of the skin in less time than the normal range, which leads to the accumulation of cells on the skin peels composed.

He added, "Solomon", it is difficult to determine the causes of injury psoriasis, especially as immune diseases that occur as a result of immune disorders is difficult to determine their causes, but there are some people vulnerable to disease immune from others, through history genotypic to their families, as rising infection rates with bad mental state and general weakness of the immune status in the body.

The "Solomon" to the emergence of the main symptoms of psoriasis crusts on the skin, and with a severe pain at the site of infection in the body, psoriasis, and inflammation in the joints, with patches of skin tend to blush or silver and covered in scales.

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