Friday, 14 February 2014

It seems simple tricks for your body and your face thinner

Here are some tricks that make look thinner, without resorting to any kind of fever or sports, and by applying the following:

For the face, determine the face or what is known as "Contour", the trick is slimming by make-up can be applied every day, choose a powder bronze or dark shadows more than two degrees of skin color or cream foundation, which were using, my dark shadows under the cheekbone up to your ears, With a little under your chin jaw line to create a shadow or illusion makes a face skinnier.
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The Body: If you are a fan of bronze color, just, when you mean tanning salons or tanning products where you place, ask for spray tanning the body that determines the class and on the arms and stomach to look slimmer and even the bones of your cheeks.

Finally Hair: tuft of hair blonde or gold helps to create vertical lines give effect slimmer, if your face rounded,

Do not let your hair short, and make sure to feed your hair to become a long time to break from the roundness of your face, but if your hair is long and curly, it gives impact that your body is smaller than it is, but if you have a round face, the hairstyles high or concentrated at the top of the head gives the effect that the face is smaller and softer.

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