Thursday, 13 February 2014

Why are people so helpless babies?

Meanwhile, the electrodes are removed from the arm of Sorensen. Not because it is in view of its health was necessary, but because clinical research has strict regulations with regard to the safety of the subject. Although the electrodes were active only a month, the researchers are confident that they can remain for many years in a row in the future and work, without being thereby affect the nervous system.
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For now the research shows that a bionic hand is possible. However, it may take years before it is ready for the market. So researchers must now work on a portable little system that the "feel" of the robot hand can put in information that the body can use. Also make the robot hand more sensitive. They want
Why are people so helpless babies?

We humans may find ourselves or very intelligent compared to other animals are our babies quite helpless. For example, it takes up to a year before a human child can walk, while a baby elephant already taking the first steps immediately after his birth. Why are we so helpless and underdeveloped at birth? Sometimes we are born prematurely?

For years it was assumed by the knowledge that our helpless babies are the result of a relatively large human skull size and the restriction of the female pelvis.

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