Monday, 17 February 2014

Five Exercises funny indispensable

We review with you in this article, five exercises funny but meaningful result, they are exercises take positions maybe a little weird, but it is definitely easy to implement and you can do in your own home at any time.

Pilates exercise with legs open
It is known, that Pilates exercises specifically designed to strengthen the muscles of the body and improves their flexibility at the same time, and may feel embarrassed when doing this exercise, subsequent mention the details, but if I knew its importance to change your mind.
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Features of this exercise:

Other than that this exercise works to strengthen the muscles of the legs and waist, but it also helps to achieve the flexibility and balance of the body.

Way of doing the exercise:
Sit on the floor with a back strain, Millie slightly back and lift your legs up taken the letter "V", with individual arms and your legs constipation.

Exercise squat
This is not an ordinary exercise squatting as it used to, but exercise is very deep.
Features of this exercise:

This exercise works on Lift the rear straightening the spine and tightens the muscles of the thighs inner tummy tucks.

If you feel tired, take a squatting position this deep, try to approach the Earth more than your body, or you can stand up and repeat it, the more patient more on this situation, the better the results.

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